"Forget the endless conch fritters and land here. The pizza is fantastic! My family and I went nuts here. Loved the pie!

Hip high end interior is relaxing and fun. Wood fired pizza has a great crust, great sausage and fabulous olives. Not out of a can, Kalamata olives. Yum!'

Tom A.

"I fondly remember my recent visit to Roostica, only a few nights ago. Brought here by the family we are visiting, they had talked about this place since it opened and finally decided to bring us here. It turned out even better than we had heard."

Louis G.

"Welcoming, clearly a popular location amongst locals. Pizza is an obvious focus with more than half a menu dedicated to it and more than half a kitchen (open to watch) focusing on it. The pizzas that the 3 of us ordered were fresh, tasty, slightly crispy base done to perfection. "

Andy S.

"This little hidden gem has amazing pizza. My hubby and I shared the Hell's Kitchen pizza. Chewy crust and spicy pepperoni. The muddled strawberry basil is a wonderfully refreshing drink as well."

Aimee M.